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How To Choose The Appropriate Carpet For Your Home

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Tue, 02/23/2021 - 00:03

Carpets now come in different designs, colours, materials, texture, and they can create a different atmosphere and look to your home. While they are nice to have, buying carpet is not a cheap investment. So before buying, below are some suggestions to consider before choosing which carpet to buy.

#1 Determine your carpet needs

How you intend to use your carpet will determine which type, colour, and material of carpet you should choose. For example, white sheep wool rug may not be suitable in high traffic area as this material tend to shed and require more maintenance to maintain its colour. Some people opt to place rug in their living rooms because of the unique design while some prefer to have the entire room laid with floored carpet because they like the soft carpet texture when walking in their rooms.

#2 Complementing Interior Design Theme

When choosing your carpet or rug design, you need to consider the interior design theme, colour palette and the other furniture item that will be in the room to ensure you choose the right carpet colour that will complement or enhance the overall interior design.

#3 Choosing the right colour

Getting the right carpet colour would affect the overall presentation of the room. Carpet colours are categorised according to their tone concentration: cool, hot or neutral. Green is cool, red tone is hot and beige, one of the most popular tone, is neutral.

Consider the location where you will lay the carpet. If you are expecting heavy traffic on the carpet, you may opt to choose darker design so that you would not be bogged down by maintenance issue. To brighten up smaller room and to make it look bigger, light coloured carpet would be ideal.

#4 Evaluating the material quality and price

Carpet price ranges as widely as the variety of carpet types in the market. While expensive does not always equate to good quality, one should also not be blinded by cheap bargains. Understanding carpet material would help to evaluate the durability of the carpet and whether it would deserve the retail price.

Carpets that are made of wool are soft and tend to give a more luxurious feel. They are typically more expensive because they are made with natural material. Polyester carpet are made using synthetic material, less expensive, but these days they look equally luxurious, thick and its durability can be comparable to wool. Nylon carpets are often used in commercial premises because they are cheap and yet very durable.

#5 Understanding maintenance requirement

Always check with the shop attendant about the maintenance requirement of those carpet or rugs that you have caught your eyes on. Different materials may have specific requirement. The way how you use and maintain your carpet would affect its lifespan. Most reputable carpet cleaning service providers would also be able to advice you if you are in doubt.

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