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How to discover your Enneagram type

To discover your Enneagram type, you can follow these steps:
Learn about the Enneagram types:
Firstly, you need to understand the different Enneagram types and the common characteristics of each type. You may feel a strong connection to a particular type as you read about its description.
Take enneagram test:
There are many free online Enneagram tests available that you can take to determine your Enneagram type. These tests often ask questions about your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to provide results.
Self-analysis and observation:
Observe how you react and behave in different situations in your daily life. Consider the patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions that you notice reflect characteristics of the Enneagram.
Discuss and seek input from others:
Sometimes, others may recognize traits in you that you may not see yourself. Discuss with friends, family, or colleagues about what they think of your personality and see if they can suggest a suitable Enneagram type for you.
Read books and resources:
Read books and resources about the Enneagram to gain a deeper understanding of each Enneagram type and how they map to your experiences. Works by authors such as Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson are excellent sources of information to explore the Enneagram.
Discovering your Enneagram type is a process of self-exploration and self-recognition. By combining the above steps, you will be able to gain a better understanding of your personality and Enneagram pattern, helping you to develop and heal in life.