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How do Alumawood Patio Covers become popular among homeowners?

If you want to add a dash of sophistication to your home exterior, then patio covering is a suitable option. It helps in reducing sun exposure, creates extra seating space and also improves the curb appeal.  Patio roofs and standalone pergolas are getting widely popular these days. There are lots of products available for patio covers in New Braunfels. The vast availability can be confusing for beginners but one product that has become the unrivaled hero is Alumawood patio covers. These are highly beneficial and offer a number of benefits over other options for patio covering. Let’s discuss the key benefits of investing in alumawood patio roof.
What is the alumawood shade structure?
The Alumawood is a wonderful patio covering product offering the perfect balance between style and comfort. It is a shade structure made from durable quality aluminum beam construction. It precisely mimics the aesthetics of wood and offers the benefits of aluminum.  It is available in seven popular designs and multiple style options for beams and rafters. 

What are the applications of alumawood structures?
Alumawood beam structure is best suited to create patio roofing. Moreover, a large number of pergolas austin are made using this product. Featuring a lightweight construction it offers optimum ventilation. The flexible design feature makes it suitable to create a shaded structure attached to your home. Moreover, you can also opt for a freestanding pergola-like structure to reduce sun exposure. 
Is it worth investing in alumawood patio cover?
Want to enjoy the refreshing breeze without worrying about harsh UV exposure then Alumawood patio covers are a perfect choice. The money spent on this patio cover is totally worth it because of the countless features. It is high in demand these days for the following benefits. 

  • Beauty: Wooden rafters and beams look stunning due to their organic look. The same aesthetics can be maintained with this wonderful product, Alumawood. The innovative product features an embossed surface which precisely mimics the rich textures  and wood grain finish.  
  • Durability: Wooden pergolas cannot withstand the test of time. Wood can damage, deteriorate and rot over time. Harsh climates can also affect the lifespan of other patio covers like fabric and fiber. On the other hand, alumawood is the unrivaled hero considering the durability standards. It is a rust-proof, weather proof and robust quality material that will not rot, crack or warp over time and look like new forever. 
  • Low maintenance: The unique surface finish of Alumawood patio covers come with surface protectants that repel dust, dirt, oil and stains. The low maintenance feature makes it a preferred choice for homeowners. It won’t corrode or get affected by exposure to sun, salt, pollution etc. You won’t need frequent maintenance like other products, hence offering a higher return on investment.  
  • Design flexibility: There are four different types of rafter and beam end cut options available. Further, vast color availability makes it a popular product for home improvement. You can pick the style and finish you want and don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics. 

Alumawood offers value for money performance and homeowners don’t even have to compromise on aesthetics. You can enjoy the rich wood like texture and the lifespan of a robust material by investing in an Alumawood roof. In simple words, you get the best of both worlds by installing alumawood shade structure. For pergolas or patio covers in Alumawood, get a quote from Bluebonnet Patio Covers. It is a premium patio cover company renowned for offering affordable solutions for both commercial and residential projects.