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How a doctor diagnose you over the phone?

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Submitted by aayuapp on Fri, 07/23/2021 - 03:06

Patients are getting afraid of how a doctor diagnoses and gives treatment over call accurately. So before going deep into this question firstly it's important what you should keep in mind while taking an online doctor consultation free and take online medicine over call so that the doctor can better diagnose and treat accordingly.

Phone calls are not appropriate in the case of complex or new medical issues by which you have excessive pain, any type of tension or other symptoms. For these types of problems you should prefer to go to the emergency room.

Phone calls are appropriate for concerns about medication side effects, test results, and recurrent issues that were addressed in recent appointments (e.g., the ointment only worked a little—now what?). With these basic issues, the doctor can often quickly make a decision about the issue after few questions

To help the doctor, organize your thoughts and questions ahead of time by writing them down. If there is a secure email or electronic portal set up by the office that conforms to privacy laws about electronic transmission of medical information, send information and questions to the doctor for review before your call.

Now answer to the question is they diagnose your problem by the symptoms you are telling over call and your voice also says a lot about it. After that they will prescribe online medicine.