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How does power management work in Star Wars: Squadrons?

Star wars: squads ​​place in the cockpit of the iconic starfighters of the Star Wars world. When the game will be launched, there will be eight star hunters available for players to choose to fly, and two notable game modes to come for the title. When players control the vessel of their choice, they must take into account the power distribution of their hunter and which systems receive the most. The better something gets from power, better is his performance for the driver. But each ship has limited power and it is essential to know how to distribute it correctly.

Food management is not a new concept for star starfighters. These were previously used in older games, such as Star Stars : X-Wing and star Wars: Tie Fighter . Players had to choose the systems that would receive the most power, such as shields, blasters or motors of a ship. This would vary depending on the situation, and any good pilot should understand the best way to handle these systems. The more power you have for your engines, the more you fly quickly. The more energy for your shields meant that you could withstand the blows of an enemy target for much longer. The final choice, the blasters of your ship, allows you to hammer your enemy with a solid laser barrage entirely fed by the cannons of your Starfighter.
However, escadrons adds to this system by giving players a bonus when they give a system a maximum boost. When players maximize the power of their engines, they receive an increase in your speed. When you maximize your shields, you can overload them to reach 200% more than they usually do, and your blasters would receive a damage bonus for a limited time.
When players play for the first time escadrons, they can use the minimum and maximum amounts for systems to understand how all this works. Over time, more advanced drivers will learn to adjust the engines enough to increase their power, without sacrificing too much of their shields in the middle of a dog fight.

Pilots who want to stick to the simplest version can have so that their systems only reach the minimum and maximum power quantities, but there is a hardcore mode for players who want to play with these Settings in flight. The choice belongs to you when playing escadrons, and advanced players can enjoy the benefits of pushing their Starfighter of choice at its limits to win the victory, but it's not a condition to take full advantage of the game.