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How to Engrave Wine Bottles with a Laser Engraver?

Submitted by Kevinli on Thu, 11/03/2022 - 03:02

laserpecker 2 glass settings
This laser engraving project has two items - fun and festive custom wine bottle caps, and a smooth jig to hold them in place while engraving. A jig is a very versatile tool that can be made from almost any scrap you have in your store and is completely reusable. These wine decorations are ideal for bridal showers and/or wedding gifts, winery swag or warm house gifts! Read on to learn more about these two laser engraving projects!
Materials Needed
Wine Topper
Vector pin table (optional). This is used to cut the jig to hold the wine bottle. If you don't have a vector needle stand, you can use blocks, modeling clay, etc. to support the corners of the jig material. Just make sure it stays level at all times.
LaserPecker Laser System We used LaserPecker 2 for Engraving.
Vector Cut: - Speed: 12% // Power: 100% //
Frequency: 100% Raster Engraving - Speed: 60% // Power: 100% // DPI: 300
Step 1: Prepare the Artwork
Modify your work as needed. You can use our graphics as examples or create your own personalized message. You can also create your own or search for your favorite graphics to be used to engrave on your beer bottle caps. Once you have your engraving material ready, you can set up your LaserPecker 2 to prepare for engraving.
Step 2: Cutting the Jig
Using the scrap, place it on the needle stand to cut a jig for the wine top. Make sure your material is in focus with a manual focus meter. You might consider just cutting a hole or two to make sure your setup is correct. Once the correct settings are determined, send the entire job to the laser.
Step 3: Place the Wine Garnish in The Jig
Place the wine glass in the jig and focus on the table. If you are using a Fusion Edge or Fusion Pro Laser, use the IRIS camera system to ensure your work is placed accurately. If you don't have this feature, you can always draw a vector box around the graph and just send the vector job to the laser with the red dot pointer activated. As the red dot pointer passes through the fixture, you'll see exactly where each graph is going and can adjust accordingly.
Step 4: Determine Parameters
Please refer to your user manual for recommended engraving/cutting settings for your machine and power. Enter your settings in the dashboard, focus the laser manually, and send the job to the laser. Again on the LaserPecker 2 engraver your pattern and beer caps are more gentle, and finally, on the machine you can select the job and press start.

Note: We observed that the silver wine bottle cap produced only weak engraving, while the rest produced better contrast. If you choose to buy the same trim, you might consider engraving the silver ones individually at a lower speed, or mask them off with tape, then fill in the color with paint after engraving. Because silver items originally reflect the light source, the effect of laser engraving is greatly reduced. Regardless of any laser engraving machine, the effect of engraving dark or black items is always the best.

Where can you sell laser engraved wine bottles?
Spirits retailer
Featured Gift Shop
Favored as a wedding or bridal shower
Where Can You Buy Tour Laser Engraving Machine?
If you have any needs or any questions about using the laser engraver, you can come to HTPOW for consultation, we will communicate with you with the most professional service and skills, so that you can perfectly show your creativity.