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How Safe Are Inflatable Swimming Pools - Pool Warehouse

Submitted by lizseyi on Fri, 04/19/2024 - 03:05

Are you considering purchasing an inflatable swimming pool? Perhaps your children are expressing an interest in having an inflatable pool in the future, or you are simply wondering whether buying an inflatable swimming pool is worthwhile? Don’t worry, here at Pool Warehouse, we have got you covered.
We offer a selection of high-quality inflatable pool options and accessories, including inflatable hot tubs, that are designed for maximum comfort and fun for the whole family.
However, a question that is commonly asked is: are inflatable swimming pools safe? Let’s find out.
Protection against germs and bacteria

Whatever type of pool you have, it is important to consider how you can adequately protect against the risks that germs and bacteria can bring.
One of the key things to remember in this regard about inflatable swimming pools, compared to traditional pools, is that many of them aren’t designed to accommodate chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.
The small size of the typical inflatable pool is a major factor here – it can be difficult to measure how much disinfectant would be required for such a small pool, and you won’t want to risk wasting any chemicals.
But on the other hand, germs will be able to spread easily in an inflatable pool in the absence of proper care and maintenance. We would therefore urge you to always follow the manufacturer’s guide when it comes to how to properly maintain your inflatable swimming pool.
Drowning risk
Any pool, whether it is inflatable or not, can pose a drowning risk, especially for children. No matter the size of the inflatable pool, there is always a chance that an individual could drown if not appropriately supervised. So, being extremely vigilant will be of the utmost importance for you and your family.
Top safety tips for users of an inflatable pool
To help keep your family safe when using an inflatable swimming pool, we advise you to:
• Prevent sick children from using the pool
• Regularly clean the pool, emptying the water daily
• Follow the manufacturer’s guide for bigger pools that require filters and disinfection
• Supervise children at all times when they’re using the pool
While the leading inflatable pool options on the market – such as those we offer here at Pool Warehouse – comply with high safety standards, it is crucial to understand that the specific ways in which your pool is used and maintained will also impact on its safety.
As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of receiving products that are of good standard, and that the entire family can safely use. Browse our online store now for inflatable swimming pools and all manner of other excellent-value pool equipment and accessories today.