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How to wear a "dress" in summer?

Submitted by blueandred on Sun, 01/16/2022 - 01:15

Dress because it is the design of one type, the space that summer can develop on collocation is not much, cooperate besides hairstyle makeup look, the most key is the collocation of shoe.
In the overall wear, the foot of the shoe seems to be a supporting role, but in fact, shoes can determine the overall wear style. The same suit, with different shoes, will present a different style of dress. This article will take the dress as an example, and analyze how to wear a "dress" in summer, by changing the style of shoes, you can easily become a master of collocation.
Dress + Mary Jane shoes, retro elegance
Mary Jane shoes are a very retro style of shoes, it is a little bit like a little girl's shoes, there is a kind of naive lovely girlish feeling, but at the same time very retro.
In summer, Mary Jane shoes are perfect to pair with small floral dresses in a fresh style for an elegant yet girlish look. In terms of details, we should pay attention to the matching colors of skirts and shoes. For example, the white dress is matched with white Mary Jane shoes, and the black floral dress is matched with black shoes. The colors echo each other, forming a sense of unity, and the overall shape will be more harmonious and pleasing to the eye. ▼
Dress + high-heeled shoes, elegant and feminine
The small broken flower dress of summer, what bring to the person is romantic feminine flavour. To complement this feeling even more, try a pair of equally feminine heels. Whether you pair high-heeled sandals or high-heeled pointy pumps with a light chiffon dress, you can easily create an elegant and feminine look. Pink sleeveless dress, suitable for matching white small high-heel sandals, refreshing and sweet pink + white matching color, very suitable for summer. ▼
Dress + sports shoes, comfortable with the modern fan
Some girls will feel that the dress is too "niang", hope to wear a natural and handsome sense of fashion, but also through shoes to change the excessive feminine skirt, with sneakers is the best choice.
Lemon yellow French retro small V-neck tea rest dress, with sports style of small white shoes, the matching color is very fresh and bright, the casual sports taste of shoes weakened the feminine dress, so that the whole wearing in gentle and elegant at the same time more free and casual sense. A sleeveless black dress paired with colorful dad sneakers is elegant and casual, but can also brighten up. ▼
Dress + short boots, elegant and handsome mix
Boot itself has a handsome sense, neutral, used to match the dress in summer, just can neutralize the feminine skirt, to create a fashionable "niang man balance wind" wear.
The dress of candy color matches white short boots, take relaxed summer feeling easily; White sleeveless chiffon dress collocation brown square head short boots, in gentle into a few minutes of masculine handsome and agile; Loose black V-neck straight shift dress, version and line are very simple, with black pointed ankle boots, the color is consistent, the overall collocation can present a crisp, clean and handsome, but also do not break the feminine taste. ▼
Dress + canvas shoes, comfortable art fan
In summer, if you want to wear a dress in a funky, artistic way, pair it with espadrilles. Popular shirt-skirt, with white high top canvas shoes, simple and casual, and then with a canvas bag, no problem of artistic style. Floral dresses can also be paired with classic sneakers for a comfortable and casual summer sunrise street look. Black chiffon doll dress, black canvas shoes, baseball cap, elegant with a bit of casual street style, can also let you wear a style of its own. ▼
Dress + strap sandals, French elegance
Girls who like French style should have a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals. Ballet shoe straps at the ankle are elegant and feminine, plus a stiletto heel or waterproof platform design to make the figure more tall and graceful.
French vintage blue and white floral dresses can be paired with lace peepers to create an unpretentious elegance. White small lapel dress restoring ancient ways, match a pair of green strap sandals, can instantly light up the whole model, deduce different fashion. ▼
Dress is a woman's romance, summer want to dress well, wear more feel, we can try to match different shoes, through the use of shoes to transform the style, you can easily change to match the master, deduce the style of different fashion.Read more | plus size formal dresses australia