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HR Interview Questions for Freshers (2023 Detailed Guide with Answers)

You are almost there because you have done some good job because your resume is selected for the interview after long time. This day’s conducting interview is totally different because things changes with the time. Interview for the fresher is the total new experience so you might have prepared yourself before going for the interview. Prepare basic questions in your style to get the attention of the interviewer. We have some tips for you to represent yourself for the interview. To learn anything we need the strong foundation of the basics of it. Interviewer will ask some questions like why we should hire you? / what is your strength and weaknesses? / why do you want work here ? / what are your goals and aspirations ? and many other basic questions. To race longer in career we need some mentor or awareness for the future so like that we have sorted 30 top known interview questions on our official website CheggIndia.