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HyperMotion as well as realistic physics

Submitted by haoxiuyun on Sun, 01/29/2023 - 17:15

However, the features EA pointed out FIFA 23 Coins in its pre-release announcements, like collision physics and deflections appear and feel the same as the previous year. While the weight of players has increased for the better however, players still hit each other and cause unrealistic collisions, especially considering the tendency to keep the finger glued to it.

The sprint buttons. A lot of the new deflections made by an extended leg or foot can only be observed on replay, and the few replays I've watched, I've noticed that these shots (especially the power version -- can cause some serious injuries. Deflections and 50-50s still favor the AI particularly as you become accustomed to new body types and the meaning they convey regarding acceleration.

HyperMotion as well as realistic physics do not work. There's still too much sliding and unnatural motions that take away from the real outcomes. Sliders like OS Community Sliders help to slow the game down and make it more sim, but they're only able to do so much in terms of physics.

Today's deep dive I'll examine the latest game features available with FIFA 23 to share my opinion on which of them affect the game, what influence (negative and positive) they bring and whether there's an opportunity for improvement. For a list of all the new features, we'll refer to EA's FIFA 23 site. In we're grading FIFA 23, we'll use a simple 1-5-2 ranking, with 5 being a "great addition" while 1 is "why did EA ever bother to include this?" If you'd like to read my thoughts regarding FIFA 23, you can also head here.

Today's first topic is the much-anticipated revolutionary Power Shot. This shot type relies heavily on your skill and includes risks and rewards that let shoot powerful shots at your opponent's goal.How to FUT 23 buy Coins execute the Power Shot: L1/LB1/ + Shoot using a hand-held aiming device