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Is it good to consult a doctor online?

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Submitted by aayuapp on Fri, 07/23/2021 - 02:47

As the pandemic gets worse and worse day by day people are not able to consult doctors physically and they prefer to consult doctor online. So now they have the option to consult a doctor online. So now a question arises in many of us minds: Is it good to take online consultation.
Here are some points which you should be aware of before taking online consultation so to not to keep yourself in any type of problem
Trust legitimate and trusted website or healthcare app for taking consultation online
Firstly ask for doctor’s qualification so that you know about him/her degree before taking consultation
As nowadays doctors are not treating you physically, so you opt for online consultation at that time it's very important that you should honestly tell all your symptoms which you are facing otherwise they may end up by giving wrong prescription or prescription which not best suits your illness.
Take a prescription which doctors have signed.You can ask for sending a scanned prescription to your mail or whatsapp.
Always take the invoice of your consultation fee.
Provide medical history to your doctor and make him or her aware of medicines you are consuming currently.
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