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Job Seekers meet recruiter on the job market organized by i12WRK

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Submitted by i12wrk on Mon, 08/02/2021 - 23:45

The volatile job market is the trending topic of discussion around the world at the moment. As the pandemic continues to take on newer forms, the job market is even reshaping and adapting to what we now know as the new normal.

While this transition is underway, job seekers are also acclimatizing and seeking guidance to get ahead of the competition and stay in the game. Fortunately, for most job seekers in the UAE, the market is headed to normalcy and we can see the improvement in the number of jobs posted on the i12WRK platform and others alike. To further propel the condition of life and work of job seekers in the UAE, i12WRK a leading job portal in the UAE partnered with Shoaib Hasan, one of the most successful youth influencer and career advisor in Dubai, to showcase experts with the latest trends, demands, and practices of industries through organized events

On Saturday, 5th June, the 2nd live session of the Jobs Talk hosted by Shoaib, when job seekers were amongst the live audience; given the opportunity to present their questions to market experts on the panel.

The panel included Chris Cornwall, the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Mark Williams Recruitment. Meenaz Syed, a well-established Tech Recruiter, and Valencia Fernandes Associate CIPD, another engrained GCC recruiter.

They each tackled some very interesting topics raised by the audience leaving them a little more confident than they were in handling their quest for their next best opportunity.

Meenaz raised some valuable points in strategizing job searches and being persistent.

She also highlighted the importance of right keywords in the resume and how well-drafted resumes leave an impact on recruiters.

Christopher’s inputs targeted trends in the market, stating that most organizations today combine multiple profiles into single roles, preparing themselves to be more lean and agile to meet market trends.

Valencia’s contribution was vital in motivating the audience to think differently, redirect their job search to more positive outcomes, and suggest unique ways to get noticed and reach the top of the recruiter’s shortlist.

Overall, the informative session left the audience wanting more and energized to embark on their journey to landing their dream jobs.

You can see the full session on YouTube

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