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Join a Belizean Community and Fulfill Your Dreams!

Planned communities in northern Belize's Corozal District are a must-see for anybody interested in purchasing property in Belize. The country of Belize is Mother Nature's best-kept secret as a vacation spot. People in today's materialistic society want the freedom to live and enjoy life as they see fit, and that's exactly what you'll find in this world-class planned community.

Adoreable Corozal Municipality:

Corozal District, located in northern Belize, is a crown of natural beauty. There are many interesting attractions to see in the Corozal District, which draws visitors from all over the globe.

The District of Corozal is beautiful and tranquil, and it has a lot to offer:

The Corozal District is nearest to the Bacalar Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, many species of plants and animals thrive. You can get to this magnificent wildlife reserve by boat.

The lone Maya site in Belize on the coast is Cerros, which may be found on a peninsula in the northern Gulf of Chetumal opposite Corozal Town. There is a wealth of information here on Maya culture.

When it comes to lagoon side picnics, Progresso and Cocos Lagoon are among the greatest in the world. Boats can go from either Lagoon to the Caribbean Sea. The nearest ocean to these streams in the Corozal District is just 10–12 kilometers away.

The village of Sarteneja in northern Belize is a gem. You can see all of Chetumal Bay, which is a beautiful emerald hue, from here. Cerros, Rocky Point, and Bacalar Chico National Park are all accessible and make for fascinating day trips.

Community Master Plan for Belize

Beautifully designed homes and a wide variety of recreational opportunities may be found in the area's many master-planned communities. The developer will first take care of upkeep but eventually pass that responsibility on to the Community Association Limited, the Homeowners' Association. All of the community's facilities are available to property owners.

Condominium Association

The Homeowners' Association is a remarkable aspect of these master-planned communities (POA).

All post-construction community amenities will be handed up to the POA.

Owner contributions to the POA for the upkeep of common areas are modest. The community's architectural standards will be upheld by a newly formed board.

Individual homeowners would have a hard time affording the neighborhood's recreational amenities including the huge communal swimming pool, clubhouse, pier, and boat launch.

The POA ensures the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

Developments in the Master-Planned Neighborhood

The infrastructure in the master-planned neighborhood is superb. Each homeowner already has access to standard utilities including water, phone, and power.

Here, leisure activities are on a whole other level. Every homeowner has access to the community clubhouse, 60-foot swimming pool, community dock, boat launch into Lagoon, volleyball court, and 20-acre fruit orchid. Both Progresso Lagoon and Cocos Lagoon provide boaters a direct passage to the Caribbean Sea. It's hard to believe, yet this is not a dream.

Here, you can be certain that you'll be working with high-quality Belize real estate and seasoned builders. The estate can provide financing for the purchase of a property in Belize. As the authority handles the acquisition, development, and sale of its property as well as its financing, there is no need for a go-between.

Your purchase deposit is safe with us. The purchase money is being held in escrow by an attorney for your protection and peace of mind.

In most cases, buyers in Mexico and other Central and South American nations do not get a fee simple title. You have full and undivided ownership of the land. There is no such thing as time sharing or partial ownership. The property in question belongs to you and you alone. Title in fee simple may be held by a person, a couple, or a corporation. The decision ultimately rests with the buyer. Impressive!