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Kick-start Your Email Marketing Strategy Within A Week

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 00:55

By February every year, 80% of the new year's resolutions fail. You should not be one of them when you launch your email marketing strategy.

For this reason, we created a simple, 7-day challenge in 2020 to help you dominate email marketing.

Choose your email template

Often this step is ignored. Every time you send an email, many people use different email templates. Or you never customize a template to suit your brand in full.

But it is important to brand and use an email template consistently. You are differentiated from your rivals by your name. It enables you to be special and to grow your business' personality. It increases your reputation and confidence with your subscribers. You can display your content and link it to you immediately.

Add your template brand colors. Don't overdo it! Don't overdo it! Don't overdo it! There can be too many colors. Seek to add your brand colors, including your call-to - action icon, picture header or headlines in just a few locations.

We use a header image with the green and blue gradient of AWeber and a call-to - action button with the shade of blue on AWeber's email: Thinking newsletter, for example.

Customize your confirmation message

You are giving people an email after filling out the registration form, which is a verified opt-in letter. You are asked to verify that your emails are subscribed through a link or button in your message.

Optional but strongly recommended confirmation messages. You are a proof that you definitely want your subscribers on your list. This enables Internet service providers (such as Gmail and Yahoo!) to send more of your messages to the inbox when using confirmatory messages. In addition, it prohibits subscribers from registering with bogus e-mail addresses.

Create a sign up form

Register forms to allow subscribers to enter your email list easily. By adding this form to your web site and sharing a login form with your audience, you can promote your form. Register forms hosted permit you, even if you do not have a website, to share your form anywhere.

Write your welcome email

The first message subscribers will receive a welcome email after they have entered the list and confirmed their subscription. And it gets a lot of coverage – on average, the ratings of the marketing research company Experian suggest that the ratings for clicking are 4 times higher than the rates for other mails. By making an excellent welcome email you can take advantage of this more than average engagement.

You can take some time to personalize your welcome email once you draft it! Personalization makes your subscribers feel that you have specifically written a message to them. It can boost opening and clicking on something that is as simple as including the first name of your subscriber in the subject line or body.

Automate your welcome email

Your welcome email has been received. Your next step? Automate it. In this way, you receive your members straight after registering for the list. You only need to create an automated series on your email marketing platform for new subscribers.

Publish your form

Your list is set and you will receive your confirmation and welcome messages. Now is the time to test and start expanding your list!

A first easy step is to make email subscribers for you social media followers. People on social media who follow your brand have already shown that they want to listen. And there's no better way for them to stay up to date than to join your email list with your latest content and sales.

Post a link to your hosted form and invite your social folk to sign up for exclusive updates on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn.

Share your sign up form

Take people, like colleagues, friends or family members, you already know. Ask if you want to register for your mailing list.

Tell them what your content is and explain the benefits they will receive if they subscribe. Perhaps the content that you are offering may not be for them if they say no. But perhaps they know that it'd be perfect for someone. Until you ask, you never know!

Good Way! You are well prepared to launch a successful e-mail marketing strategy when completing this 7-day challenge. Also, attempt this: develop a lead magnet — a freebie when you register for your list. The conversion rate of the registration form can be improved by lead magnets. is an bulk email finder which can enhance your email marketing through the provision of your email addresses. The email finder checks the authenticity of an email or not. It will save your Ip from blacklisting.

The first, last name, company domain you can obtain from linkedin is necessary for this email finder. The email finder searches the email addresses once you enter the information. You can then fill out your cold emails using these email addresses.