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Learn About Several Types of Round Bars

What is a Round Bar ?
A Round Bar is a cylindrical metal rod that is typically manufactured with a circular cross-section. It is commonly made from materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, or stainless steel. Round bars are available in a wide range of diameters, lengths, and grades, and can be used for various applications, including construction, manufacturing, machining, and fabrication.
Round bars are often used as a raw material for machining into components or for use as a support or structural element in construction projects. They can also be used as shafts, axles, dowels, pins, and fasteners. A micrometre or calliper may be used to measure a round bar's diameter, and a ruler or tape measure can be used to determine its length. If you want to round up, get in touch with Nippon Alloys Inc.
Types of Round Bar:
There are several types of round bars available, each with different properties and applications. Here are some of the most common types:

Hastelloy Round Bar:
Hastelloy round bars are commonly used in applications where corrosion resistance is critical, such as in chemical processing, oil and gas, and aerospace industries.Hastelloy round bar are available in several grades, including Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22, and Hastelloy B2. Each grade has specific properties and is suitable for different applications.
Inconel Round Bar
Inconel round bars are commonly used in high-temperature applications, such as gas turbines, nuclear reactors, and aerospace engines.Inconel 600 round bars have excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature environments and are commonly used in heat treating applications.

Monel Round Bar
Monel round bars are commonly used in applications where resistance to corrosion is critical, such as marine, chemical, and aerospace industries.Monel 400 round bars are known for their excellent corrosion resistance in seawater and other harsh environments, making them suitable for use in marine and chemical processing industries.

Titanium Round Bar
Titanium round bars are a popular choice for applications that require high strength-to-weight ratios and resistance to corrosion in harsh environments.Titanium round bar are typically available in sizes ranging from 0.25" to 14" in diameter and can be supplied in various lengths and finishes, such as polished or rough turned, to meet specific customer requirements.

These are just a few examples of the types of round bars available, and there are many more depending on the specific application and requirements.