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Magnetic Group Integrates AMOS for Enhanced MRO Services

magnetic maintenance is excited to announce a new partnership with Swiss Aviation Software (Swiss-AS), in integrating AMOS as its new Maintenance & Engineering solution. This strategic collaboration underscores Magnetic Group’s dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining maintenance processes across its operations. 
AMOS, renowned for its “pure-play” MRO functions and cutting-edge technology, will replace our legacy systems, promoting optimal maintenance management and seamless data exchange with our partners through AMOScentral. This strategic move, supported by Swiss-AS’ expertise and a track record of over 200 successful implementations, is anticipated to culminate within 12-14 months. 

Jan Kotka, COO of Magnetic Group, highlights the decision for AMOS, emphasizing the enhanced reliability, operational transparency, and streamlined processes it brings. The implementation will unfold in phases, starting with Magnetic MRO, followed by the integration of Magnetic Line, leveraging AMOS’ Multi-Entity features for financial independence and efficiency among entities. 
The collaboration between Swiss-AS and Magnetic Group represents a significant milestone in Magnetic Group’s journey toward operational excellence and underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional MRO services to its customers worldwide. 
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