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Mahindra Tractor- Empowering Indian Farmers with Versatile Tractor Range

In Indian agriculture, tractors play a vital role in maximizing efficiency and productivity on the farm. Therefore, farmers nowadays do not think twice before opting for a tractor. Also, the Indian market is filled with a large number of reliable tractor brands. Mahindra is one such popular name, and the brand has been catering to the diverse farming demands of Indian farmers for years. And the credit goes to the wide range of tractors Mahindra has in its Indian product lineup. Currently, there are 14+ models in the hp category ranging from 15 hp to 74 hp. Among others, here, we are showcasing two of its most preferred tractor models among Indian farmers. Have a look and choose a suitable option.
Mahindra 275 DI :

Mahindra 275 DI
is a 39-hp tractor suitable for larger farms and heavier tasks. One can buy this tractor at a price ranging from Rs. 5.75 lakh to Rs. 5.95 lakh. This tractor is fitted with a 3-cylinder, 2048cc engine generating 2100 ERPM. This power is sent to the rear wheels via partial constant mesh transmission with a dry type single /dual-clutch. With the gearbox setup of 8 F+2 R gears, this tractor can attain a top speed of 31.2 kmph in the forward direction and 13.56 kmph in the reverse direction.

For better control over the tractor, there are Dry internal Exp. Shoe brakes and dual-acting power steering/manual steering. Moreover, the tractor generates 33.4 hp PTO power at 540 RPM for lifting and operating farming implements weighing around 1200kg. All in all, it is a good choice for performing heavy-duty tasks with ease.


Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD, on the other hand, is a 36-hp tractor that is best for small and marginal farms with better manoeuvring. It is a compact tractor yet capable enough with a 4WD drive option for performing a variety of farming tasks. Mahindra JIVO 365 DI gets a 3-cylinder, water-cooled engine. The engine generates 2600 ERPM and 30 HP of PTO Power for lifting and operating farming implements with weights of up to 900 kg.

For power transmission to all the wheels, there is a Constant Mesh with Sync Shuttle transmission with an 8 F + 8 R gearbox setup. For efficient braking, the company fitted this nimble tractor with oil-immersed brakes with 3 discs. If you are looking to purchase a compact yet powerful tractor, the Mahindra Jivo 365 DI is a good option for you. Mahindra Jivo 365 DI Price
Starts From 5.90 Lakhs And Goes Up to 6.13 Lakhs.

This was all about the tractors in question- Mahindra 275 DI and MAHINDRA JIVO 365 DI 4WD. If you want to know about other Mahindra tractor models, visit Tractor Guru.