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Make sex dolls more flexible

Make sex dolls more flexible
Many years ago we were curious about inflatable dolls. It seems that all men dream of having an inflatable sex doll to satisfy their sexual needs. But the inflatable doll is just a disgusting human-shaped balloon toy. How to bring sex to men and the sex doll for men.

Many people have very good sex lives and think of their God-given gifts, but not everyone has such gifts. Everyone with a different sexual orientation, a lot of people, and a bed partner will drive people crazy, in fact, more people are selfish, they want pleasure. The premium quality of these love dolls only exists in the hearts of the MILF who witness them. Many of us still dream of our friends or neighbors' kinky wives who have flawless physiques.

Later, silicone love dolls came onto the market. Whether it's processing, texture, or appearance, it's made a qualitative leap. But people are not satisfied with that. They hope that sex dolls will master the key to flexibility, even the knuckles. We can only imagine these scenes. If we want to realize these illusions, it is very difficult. These silicone dolls are made for us.

People are trying to add a metal skeleton to the doll's fingers, but the hardness of the metal skeleton is too strong. The silicone skin of the finger is easily punctured. Later, the metal skeleton was replaced with softer brass wire. The advantage is the ductility, flexibility, and reducibility of the metal. Users can give sex robots different shapes according to their needs.

We hope that in the future full size sex dolls will be more like life than real women. But when that day comes, when will you marry a woman or a sex doll? This is a question worth pondering.