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one piece swimsuit manufacturer

One-piece swimsuits, which are tight-fitting garments for women to swim and sunbathe, wrap around a woman's torso. Some women believe that wearing a one-piece swimsuit is more modest than a two-piece bikini. Before bikinis and other two-piece swimsuits became popular, almost all women's swimsuits were one-piece, and men's swimsuits were similar to them. The derivative varieties are backless, deep V, vestments, and strapless bra suits.

Currently, there are various styles of sports swimsuits. There is also an innovative variety superficially similar to stretchy tights and tight wetsuits. Covering the entire torso, arms, and thighs, its function is to reduce the friction of the professional swimmer against the water. The surface layer is designed with a striped craft fabric, cut with water, called sharkskin.

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