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How to Make Kratom Tea
At one point, chewing on bitter kratom leaves was the only way for early users to earn access to the reported properties of this exotic plant. However, modern technology has enabled kratom distributors to offer consumers a wide range of products, such as capsules, tinctures, and powders. Brewing kratom tea from powder is very popular among reported users. However, making kratom tea using premium kratom powder can be more easily said than done. Keep reading to find out how to make kratom tea from powder.
What Is Kratom Tea? Opms Kratom Shots Amazon
Kratom tea involves more than brewing kratom leaves in boiling water. In fact, this form of consumption is relatively uncommon in the United States, where kratom is more easily found in capsule or powder form. Instead, most reported users who make kratom tea prefer mixing kratom powder with their favorite tea blends to alleviate some of the bitter taste. They may even add their sweetener of choice to make it more palatable. It is said that the reported properties of tea and kratom complement each other, making kratom powder tea more pleasant and effective than pure kratom leaf tea.
Kratom Tea Vs. Kratom Extract
Kratom extract can often be found in powder form. However, it is not suitable to use in a kratom tea recipe. Kratom extract powder may be significantly more potent than traditional forms of kratom powder, making its potential effects unpredictable. Besides, some of the alkaloids contained in the extract may be destroyed by the hot water used for brewing kratom.
Kratom Tea Potential Effects and Benefits
Although kratom is a relative of the coffee plant, kratom powder tea is considered to be an herbal tea. The kratom plant is extremely rich in alkaloids, particularly mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which may benefit users. Depending on the strains and dosage, some users have reported feeling energized or, on the contrary, feeling more relaxed. According to some consumers, some kratom powder tea recipes may even have an analgesic effect.
Tips for Making Kratom Tea
So, you are wondering how to make kratom tea. The good news is that brewing kratom, including making kratom tea from powder, is relatively easy. However, before diving further into the subject, here are some tips that may be helpful if you are concerned about how to make kratom tea better.
Use the Right Water Temperature
A common question beginner kratom users may have is, “how long to boil kratom tea?” However, the best way to make kratom tea is to use water heated just before the boiling point or cooled down slightly instead of pouring boiling water directly onto the kratom leaves or powder. Indeed, the delicate alkaloids in kratom may become unstable at such high temperatures, and your kratom tea recipe may not be as effective.
Add an Acidic Ingredient
Although the benefactive active chemicals contained in kratom leaves may withstand relatively high temperatures, they may start to degenerate – and, therefore, become less potent – when exposed to high heat for long periods of time, which is a crucial step when making kratom tea. However, adding an acidic component, such as lemon juice, orange juice, or apple cider vinegar, may slow down the alkaloid breakdown reaction and help the kratom tea taste better.
Sweeten the Deal
Users may appreciate the reported positive effects of kratom tea powder, but most people find its pungent and bitter taste unpleasant. Some kratom users attempt to get around it by using the “toss and wash” method, which consists in throwing the Kratom powder in the back of the throat and chasing it as quickly as possible with water or juice. However, this method often leaves a lingering bitter aftertaste. Even brewing kratom with tea does not entirely mask the unpalatable taste. Therefore, if you are wondering how to make kratom tea better, you may add sweeteners such as sugar, stevia, agave, or maple syrup to make it tastier.
Stir It Energetically
A common issue that those who are learning how to make kratom tea with powder encounter is that kratom tea powder tends to clump up in the liquid. You may need to use an instrument such as a small whisk, a Matcha tea whisk, or even an electric frother wand to break down the most stubborn clumps and make your kratom powder tea more palatable.
Use Taste Enhancers
The strong herbal taste of kratom tea may deter some users from finishing their cup and, therefore, not having access to all the reported benefits of the brew. If it is your case, it may be a good idea to tweak your kratom tea recipe to add taste enhancers such as ginger, lemon zest, or cinnamon, as well as try different types of tea and herbal tea blends to find one that suits you better.
Beware of Kratom Dosage
Learning how to make kratom tea is one thing, but beginner users should beware that kratom powder tea’s reported effects vary widely based on the dosage. With the wrong dosage, you may end up experiencing the polar opposite effects of the one you were trying to achieve. If you are unfamiliar with this plant, veteran users suggest starting small and not exceeding two 2.4g servings within 24 hours.
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