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Bross 100% Cotton Baby Muslin | 110*120cm | Organic Muslin | Cotton | Baby Blankets | Gifts | Presents | Baby Products | Newborn Gifts
Bross 100% Cotton Baby Muslins have 6 different color options.
Choose the color you like for your baby!

After your newborn opens his eyes to life, he enters the development process quickly. The digestive system is the most important detail in the development process. As soon as you start breastfeeding your baby, the digestive tract works together with the sucking movements, and gas problems may occur. In order to relieve the pains caused by gas, you should lay your baby on your shoulder after breastfeeding and massage his back.

You can use baby muslin covers during special times when you hold your baby, or you can also use them by covering them on your shoulder before the massages you can do to relieve gas pains. Gas problems occur in babies whose digestive organs are newly developed because they generally lie still and are fed with liquid.

You can start using baby muslin covers reliably from the moment your baby is born. If you use the muslin covers, which are at the top of the special list of prenatal shopping, by examining the instructions for use, you can easily clean them and use them for a long time.

Special muslin covers, designed considering the health and hygiene of babies, are offered to you with their lively designs and durable structures.

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