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QBWC1039 Error: What is It and How to Repair It?

Submitted by David Adam on Tue, 01/16/2024 - 07:29

QuickBooks application is one of the most suitable and dependable accounting software solutions in the business enterprise in small and medium-sized firms. However, the software product provides all crucial business features, which are essential records precisely and without any issues. Also, it sometimes leads to errors in the software and affects QuickBooks operations. One such is the QBWC1039 error.

Generally, many messages appear on the screen when this error strikes your system, affecting your QuickBooks operations. However, the tricky part is that you must fix this QBWC1039 error according to what notification appears in the software we are examining through this article.
Summary of QBWC1039 Error in QuickBooks Application

The QuickBooks Web connector QBWC1039 Error triggers whenever users attempt to link to an application to the QuickBooks software. Through other QuickBooks errors, one error notification occurs. Besides, this issue will likely happen with an error message based on the reasons leading them. As the causes can differ, the solutions are dissimilar in all cases. It depends on the reasons and answers selection.

What are the reasons behind the QBWC1039 error in QuickBooks?

When the number of errors is way too many or above expectations, the causes can differ for everyone. In addition, the leading causes for the trigger of the QBWC1039 error are below

● The essential company file is compulsory to relocate to another area of the software
● The File is incompatible or does not support the third-party application
● The location of the File has been modified or adjusted in other places
● The company file name has been altered or edited
● The QuickBooks application does not permit third-party application support
● You have already created many try to integrate the QuickBooks Company File
● The app is already installed and included in the application.

How to Fix QBWC1039 Error According to the Error Notification?

1. When the unique OwnerID/ FileID pair value is needed

This occurs if the app is already on QuickBooks and you attempt to add it a second time.

You must delete the existing Owner ID to resolve this:

1. Go to the QuickBooks application and open it
2. Choose Open after downloading the CP3 tool
3. Tap Select file, and then look for your QWC.file. This arranges the File in the Enter QBWC file in the Enter QBWC file location
4. Choose Open. After that, Remove Stamp
5. Hit Yes under the QuickBooks Application Certification window and press Continue
6. Press Done from the Access Confirmation window
7. Follow the directions and choose OK
8. You must get a confirmation that the Owner ID was deleted after that, press OK
9. Exit from the application, reopen QuickBooks and Web Connector and include your Third-party application again.

2. You cannot include FileID in the company file for this application.

The QBWC1039 error happens when you include an app too many times. Because this application must only be included once in one location. Here are the steps to set up a Web connector in QuickBooks.

1. Install QuickBooks Web Connector
1. Exit from QuickBooks Desktop completely
2. Enter the Intuit Developer Site and download the recent Web Connector version
3. Click right on the QBWCWebConnector2_R30 zip file. After that, choose Extract All
4. Click-right the QBWebConnectorIntaller.exe under the extracted folder and press Run as Administrator.
5. Observe the prompts to finish the installation
6. Choose " Allow devices to make changes to your computer " and tap Next
7. Under the License Agreement page, choose "I accept the term in the license agreement." After that, choose the Next
8. Hit Install in the Ready to Install Program on Page
9. Hit Finish

2. Establish Web Connector

1. Enter to the QuickBooks application

2. Choose App Management under the File and then click Manage Web Apps
3. Press Set up next to the app you want to establish. This will take you to the application's website, where you will log in.
4. Click Connect to QuickBooks on the app website
5. Open QuickBooks Desktop and pick Done on the Access Confirmation screen to conclude your setup.

3. When the application was not available in this QuickBooks company data file before.
The application has this QuickBooks company data file when you add the QWC file in Web Connector. However, when you incorporate it, you are not signed in as the admin.

1. Open the QuickBooks application in your method
2. In single-user mode, sign in as admin
3. Join the Web Connector
4. Click to Add an application and tap the QWC file

4. If you witness a concern while containing the application, the procedure tells you to examine QBWCLog.txt for details.

This can appear in your approach when you do not have the company file available, or the place is moved. This can ensue if you are not on the present release of QuickBooks.

Suppose you altered your file name or shifted the location of your company file, re-edit changes. Move it back to the authentic site.

1. If you want to name your File again or modify the location, delete the app from QuickBooks Web Connector
2. Rename your File or adjust your location
3. Associate with Web Connector

Create every version of QuickBooks on your desktop for the recent release

If you have uninstalled a current version of QuickBooks compared to your recent use, then it is mandatory to reinstall and update the current product to the current release. Our products are based on the recent version you installed.

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What are the Symptoms of QBWC1039 Error in QuickBooks?

When a QBWC1039 error appears, it arrives with an error notification based on what causes it. While most errors produce one error message, this error reflects various in the production of the message. The error messages you are getting could be either of the following:

● Problem with including the application
● QuickBooks Company File does not permit the application
● Need unique Owner ID/ File ID pair value
● File ID cannot be included in the Company file for this Company File
● If the company file exists and does not operate


QuickBooks is one of the most crucial accounting software applications for business owners. They can operate this application as multipurpose operations. Most business owners use the QuickBooks application to manage everything at once, like payroll, access to different accounts, etc. However, most business owners face QBWC1039 errors in their systems. So, it is crucial to the error messages and resolve issues according to this.