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Raid Recovery

You can't stop a hard drive from spinning – or can you? Raid Recovery is the world’s only turning disk transformation tool that preserves data found on physical drives. It can transform any physical disk from one drive into another, including bare drives, RAID drives, drive images, and even storage devices containing software and firmware. Our patented technology is fast, effective, and easy to use for IT professionals, engineers, and forensic investigators.

PITS Data Recovery service is designed to help recover your entire raid, no matter the cause of the failure or disk type. We have data recovery specialists standing by, ready to recover your data.

Our decently sized data recovery service facility based in Washington has made thousands of Raid recoveries over the past four years. We have server’s onsite and a raid lab for troubleshooting and any necessary repairs before copying to new drives.

Our Raid recovery services helps you recover data even after a complete system crash. It makes recovery simple, allowing you to get back on your feet quickly and efficiently after a data loss event.Our raid recovery service allows you to quickly recover lost data during a raid controller failure.

There are many reasons that your data might be unrecoverable after a hardware failure, and PITS Data Recovery servicewill try to recover your data in every way that it can. We're glad you took the time to send us logs and configurations, but there is no way to promise a 100% success rate on recovery without determining what happened. Our specialists could reproduce the error on two different disks using your logs (attached).

This evidence of an unrecoverable sector is why we don't always have a 100% success rate at recovering your data – but we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with technology and have a high success rate overall.

If your company has suffered the loss of valuable or proprietary data from a storage server, workstation, laptop, or removable media device, you might be in luck! Losing necessary data is time-consuming, overwhelming, and can be very expensive. We offer raid recovery services that take all the hard work away from you and your IT staff. Our technicians are equipped to handle any data disaster exceptionally efficiently.
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Recover from damaged hard disk drive controller/driver corruptions, file system corruptions, virus (or other malicious software) attacks, accidental or intentional file deletion, and many other problems related to a failed hard disk drive controller or driver.

PITS Data Recovery service is a leading data recovery company for server and storage hardware. We help our clients with installing, replacing, upgrading hardware in server rooms. We have the most professional and expert IT engineers.

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