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A rather harsh system within Elyon includes the loss in EXP

A current issue with games, not just MMOs has been the inability to offer consistent amounts of content within short timespan Elyon Gold . There are many instances where MMOs don't understand the amount of time that players will invest into a game that they love; Elyon is no different.

While Elyon has many avenues for entertainment, the time it takes to complete the content has diminished due to grinding and best-in-slot loadouts. MMOs need a recurring line of challenging content for players to be engaged and Elyon isn't able to deliver in this regard.

We loved: The Dungeons

On the subject of content, many games try to engage their players with the introduction of Dungeons. The end game content of Elyon is well-constructed and available to be played solo or with other players.

MMORPG's Are Great For Newcomers To The Genre

Each dungeon is unique due to the variety of the types of enemies and bosses, and the dungeons don't seem like they are rinsed and repeated. There are games that provide this type of content better. Elyon leaves a positive impression with the options available.

Didn't Love: EXP Loss

A rather harsh system within Elyon includes the loss in EXP following death when facing PvE content (here are some more brutal MMO teams that are no anymore). You spend a considerable amount of time grouped enemies and navigating efficiently through an EXP route to Elyon Gold buy increase skills and levels only to see that progress taken away is more than just an inconvenience.