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Scaling Clean Ep. 14: Jing Tian on Successfully Managing Multinational Teams

Submitted by Tigercomm on Sun, 01/29/2023 - 07:05

Meet Jing Tian, a driven individual who has accomplished so much in her career. She co-founded her own company at a young age and went on to lead the U.S. presence for three different international cleantech firms. But Jing's accomplishments don't stop there, she is also Dr. Tian, holding a Ph.D. in chemistry from Drexel University and having served as a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University.

Currently, Jing serves as the Chief Growth Officer at Tigo Energy, a company on a mission to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide through their innovative solar power conversion and storage products. Her wealth of experience in building and leading teams within the clean technology sector, both domestically and internationally, gives her valuable insights that she continues to bring to the table.

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