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Shopping online: the best months to save

Submitted by onsalenow on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 20:14

March, April, and May are the least preferred months by the French for their online purchases. Are they right to shun this period between sales, or are they, on the contrary, missing out on good deals? In order to find out, this article has revealed the best time to shop online for products under three major poles: high-tech, household appliances, and fashion & beauty.
The best months to grab good high-tech deals

You can save money by choosing the right Panasonic Sale month to buy at the best price on online sites. Find out which months to favor and which months to avoid when buying your high-tech products:

  • Game consoles are 34% cheaper in October than in May.
  • Buying a drone in November saves up to 29%.
  • In June, DSLRs are offered 25% cheaper than in September.
  • Televisions are 21 % cheaper in March than in November.
  • Buying a smartphone in February rather than December saves 16%.
  • Laptops and Logitech Sale Ireland are 9% cheaper in November than in June.

When to buy your household appliances to pay less?
In order to reveal which month(s) were the best for buying household appliances online, find out which months are best for getting good deals product by product:

  • February is the best month to explore Dyson Sale Ireland. In October, they are 15% more expensive!
  • Swan Retro Fridge Freezer is 11 % cheaper in June than in December.
  • Buying your Dyson Sales vacuum cleaner in August saves up to 10%.

Fashion & Beauty: the best months to buy without breaking the bank
Certain fashion accessories, as well as beauty rituals, help you feel good in your sneakers on a daily basis. This can mean wearing your favorite sneakers, perfume, or even the latest sunglasses. If overall, the month of January is one of the worst months to buy this type of product, discover the best months to buy without breaking the bank product by product:

  • Buying perfume for men in December saves up to 31%.
  • Perfumes for women are 20% cheaper in April than in January
  • You can save up to 10% if you buy your sneakers in August.
  • Sunglasses are up to 7% cheaper in March.

The advice for fast and effective price monitoring

Do you want a Motorola Ireland product but don't know if it's worth the wait to buy it cheaper and don't have the time to monitor prices? Do not panic! Online sales alert platforms allow you to buy at the best price without having to put in too much effort.
To find out if it's worth the wait, just take a look at the price evolution curve of a Retro Fridge Freezer Ireland product displayed on each product sheet. You will be able to spot if the price is stable or if it tends to fluctuate.
In the second case, it would be in your interest to set up a price alert for the Tefal Ireland sale. This system is simple and effective: all you have to do is enter the price you wish to pay as well as your e-mail address.