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Silica for healthy skin, nails, Hair, bones, and joints

The prime source of the natural compound silica is foods growing underground. Some examples are beets, carrots, and potatoes. Another source of silica is whole foods rich in fibre, including spinach, oats, celery, and bananas. Another source is seafood. Now, what is exactly the function of silica in the human body? The health plus points of silica are various. 
Another great source of silica is horsetail
Several wild herbs maturing in spring are reviving for the human body. These herbs that rank with the first to mature in the spring are beneficial in purging the human body of pollutants. They feature vital vitamins and are potentially multipurpose and healthy additions to one's diet. A good name for them is the system's spring cleaning.
Horsetail is one of them. Its role as a diuretic in spring tonics dates back many years. Another feature of horsetail is that it’s rich in silica, a vital trace mineral for health.
Health care practitioners prescribe horsetail to promote strong connective tissue and bone, in Osteoporosis, for deprived hair growth, nails, and skin, amongst others.
How is silica good for the human body?
Silica can give the skin a better look, make the skin and nails stronger, lessen hair loss, and promote healthy bones.
Silica can facilitate calcium absorption by bones, thus offering bones protection and helping in the prevention of the start of Osteoporosis.
Another health plus point of silica is in treating and reversing aluminum toxicity.
Aluminum toxicity is intricate and multifaceted in the human body. Examples are inhibited enzyme activities, altered protein synthesis, DNA repair prevention, inhibited PP2A activity, more ROS production, oxidative stress, fewer enzymatic antioxidants' activity, etc. 
Silica isn’t toxic as many people believe
There are great chances of a person having heard that silica is toxic. The fact is that this statement is not completely untrue. Silica comes in three forms. Lasting contact with crystalline silica dust is potentially hazardous and can even be the cause of lethal lung ailment. However, food items that have silica and silica supplements are different. They don’t contain that form of silica.
An excellent silica health supplement 
An excellent silica supplement is manufactured by Organika. The source of silica in this supplement is pure AEGH. Each capsule has AEGH of 250 mg. 
This organika silica supplement has quite a few health benefits. 
⦁ Promotes strong and vigorous Hair, nails, and skin
⦁ Is a cure for dry skin and Hair, aging skin, and fragile nails
⦁ Promotes supple skin and osteoid 
⦁ Is a potential defense against Osteoporosis
Some words about the company
Organika has made a name for itself. The prime reason is its bovine and marine collagen supplements, and Bone Broth supplements for healthy joints and skin and a good protein profile. The other health products of this company include spirulina for energy, Chlorella as a superfood, Curcumin for inflammation, Enhanced Collagen hydrolysate for stress, etc. Several of these supplements are available in the natural health store
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