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Simplify IMDS Submissions with Automation

Submitted by Arranboaz on Tue, 06/28/2022 - 04:02

IMDS is a live tool that assists all suppliers of the automotive supply chains in registering material data for every component used in automotive products. Suppliers engage with the IMDS program to provide material information for their products to their customers. One of the methods that may help attain that is through BoM’s in IMDS, which will help create a significant outline of the product. 
What is the significance of BOM Services?
Suppliers must create an accurate bill of materials (BOM) since it promises that all parts are available when required. More importantly, BOM also ensures that the assembly process runs smoothly. Incorrect BOM may halt production, increasing operational costs as time is needed to find missing parts or discover the proper assembly method. It is another critical aspect of the automotive industry since Bom helps achieve IMDS compliance. 
The different types of BOM
BOM or bill of materials is a data that lists all the items or raw materials used to manufacture any physical thing- it could be a product or a structure.
Single-level BOMs, multi-level BOMs, and flattened BOMs are the three basic BOM kinds. However, these three different BOM types depict a similar product structure.
Single-level BOMs
The data model of OpenBOM starts with a single-level BOM. It's a simple list of things, which include several properties. It has a part number as a necessary ID property which can be renamed. Businesses or suppliers can add any component to a custom list of properties.

Multi-level BOMs
A multi-level BOM is a list of the components, assemblies, and materials needed to manufacture a part. It shows all items used in a parent item, either directly or indirectly.
Flattened BOMs
A flattened BOM is a list of each part from all layers of a BOM listed together, along with total quantities for each part. It's a terrific method to see the amounts of ALL parts with their total quantities, regardless of where they appear on the BOM Services.
What is the relevance of BOM in IMDS?
Because of its accuracy, most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in IMDS do not allow the usage of the Flat or Single-Level BoM structure. They always encourage their vendors to provide reports in a multi-level structure format. 
One of the IMDS challenges is the creation of BOM for accurate materials. It calls for in-depth knowledge of the chemicals and their composition. 
Although, transparency will be obtained in each sub-assembly component and its child structure with multi-level BoM structuring. However, building a multi-level BoM is a difficult task. The most critical factors in an IMDS report are quality and accuracy. An automated tool is required to establish a multi-level BoM structure with a single click. 
Final words
A well-defined BOM can assist manufacturing companies in planning for the purchase of raw materials. Additionally, it will help estimate material prices, enhance inventory control, track and plan materials requirements, keep correct records, and reduce waste, among other things. Hence, BoM’s in IMDS is an effective resource in the automobile industry as it makes data collection, analysis, and maintenance more efficient. 
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