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Summer Socks for Man & Women


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3 pairs of socks will be sent.
5 options!
Choose the pattern you like the most.
*Size for women is 36-40.
80% Cotton, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Diabetic Socks for Women
Diabetes is the name of disease which is something related to the increment in the level of blood sugar. It can happen to both man and woman. However, doctors have been constantly advising their diabetic patients to wear diabetic socks. These socks are separately available for man and woman in the market. However, in this article, we will have discussion regarding such socks for women. There is no difference between socks for man and that for woman.
It is advised by the doctors that diabetic patients needs to cover their feet all the time and hence advises to wear socks. They have an option of wearing normal socks also that they bring into use in their daily life. Now the question arises that what is the use of these special socks? The answer is something related to the security and protection. The intention of doctors behind making their patients wears socks on daily basis being something related to the protection of patient's feet. It is worth to be noticed that such protection can be achieved only by those special diabetic socks and not by an ordinary one.

Summer Fashion for Men - 5 Must-Have Wardrobe Staples
When green hits the trees and men start hitting the greens, a strange cloud begins to form in the mind of many men. It is obvious that winter sweaters no longer feel quite right and certainly the summer means the beach, but in between ski parkas and speedos, how is a guy supposed to dress? March to September is a long stretch of time to be seen wandering around in white socks and sandals or the college t-shirt that is now older than your first child.
Listed below are 5 items that every man should own and that when mixed together, in any number of combinations, can last an entire season or two - maybe even three if you really get the hang of it! From shirts to shoes, shorts to sunglasses, these never-fail items work every year and will keep you from embarrassing yourself and your family, or worse, looking like your own father. After all, just because you may some day retire to the golf course, doesn't mean you need to look like you've given up on life before 70.
It is quite important to say that if anyone gets into this disease then definitely her life style changes and therefore she needs to adopt some precautions based on her daily life. She is compelled to lose her old habits and is required to adopt the new one. However, it will depend on the level of sternness of diabetes. There may be numbers of precautionary acts that need to be adopted but the most significant one which is associated with her daily life is to protect her feet up to knee. This must be done with special kind of socks called as diabetic socks.

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