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Top Proven Methods to Make Money on Amazon in 2023

India's e-commerce sector has grown quickly during the past several years. Additionally, there are now more opportunities than ever to monetize your Amazon account. The Indian e-commerce business is anticipated to reach a gross merchandise value of over $55 billion in 2021 because of a spike in digital adoption during COVID-19.By 2030, industry gross merchandise value is anticipated to reach $350 billion. As of 2021, over 348 million people were doing online transactions, with approximately 140 million individuals purchasing online. The young population, the rising use of cellphones and the internet, and the generally strong performance of the economy are some of the main factors driving this sector.The corporation now has a gross market value of $344 billion US after launching its marketplace 25 years ago. In 2017, sales on the Amazon Marketplace accounted for almost 20% of all retail e-commerce sales. When it comes to earning money on Amazon without selling, the options are virtually limitless.