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The Transformation of the Air Jordan 1 Over the Years

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There are several sports shoe brands in the world. And all have had their share of successes and triumphs. However, there is a remarkable story that surrounds the Nike Air Jordan 1—from its inception to its current status as a global brand.

Whether you are a worn advocate of the low, mid, or high, Air Jordan 1’s still occupy a legendary and iconic status. This is more about the very first Air Jordan 1s that Michael wore. Let us find out more below.

1985 Original Air Jordan 1 Design.
In 1985 – the initial Air Jordan 1s were custom made for Michael Jordan by Peter Moore, a creative director at Nike. The shoes were for an NBA rookie with a promising career in basketball. Several decades later, that has proven to be a great move by Nike, as it has changed the entire nature of the sport.

What Made the Air Jordan Hit Sports Fans' Interest and Imagination?
The Air Jordan 1s back then and today still captivate on several quality parameters: craftsmanship, level of refinement, innovation, material, style, and performance.

They are the epitome and embodiment of sporting culture, as they have influenced generations of sports lovers and watchers.

Michael Jordan first used an Air Jordan 1 High OG shoe for his 1985 basketball season with the Chicago Bulls.
‘Air Jordan’ is believed to have been created by Michael Jordans, then-sports manager David Falk. This was in reference to air pockets in the shoes soles and Michael Jordan's extraordinary ability to literally ‘fly’ as he played the sport.

Today, several versions later, the original Air Jordan 1 designs still command a command a high preference among men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Besides Iconic Nostalgia, Why Are People Attached to the Air Jordan Brand?
The fact that you can buy and wear a highly stylish, durable, and functional pair of Air Jordan 1 high shoes is, for most people, a game changer. They can experience firsthand the style and appeal of the sneakers.

What is the Cheapest and Costliest Air Jordan to have been sold till today?
As an iconic brand endorsed by a global NBA sports superstar Michael Jordan, Jordans command value. The cheapest Air Jordan 1’s are stated to have sold for $65 back in 1985. And the costliest is stated to have been at Christie’s auction, which went for $ 615,000 in August 2020. This is backed by another costly sale at a Sotheby’s New York auction going for a whopping $ 560,000. This has established the brand as a favorite keepsake and a piece of nostalgia and history.

In the end, an Air Jordan 1 sports shoe or sneaker has established itself as the most sought-after shoe brand in sports history. With diverse editions of the Air Jordan 1 low shoes, the Air Jordan 1 mid shoes, and the now iconic Air Jordan 1 high shoes for sale, there is a devoted global fan following. That’s why there is history, iconic status, and a feel ingrained in each pair of Air Jordans today too.

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