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Types of Fasteners and their Applications - Caliber Enterprise

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Caliber Enterprise is an established Fasteners Manufacturer in India.We produce fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws, and washers. Our specialty is producing and offering stainless steel fasteners in any size at the lowest possible cost. Our bolt fasteners all meet International Quality Standards (IQS), so you can be sure you're always getting the best goods. In India, we are a renowned supplier of fasteners as well.
We are acknowledged as the sole manufacturers of fasteners using cutting-edge technologies in the UK. sources with credibility and expertise. We understand that excellence demands consistency all the way through the process. Overcoming obstacles will increase the effectiveness of our offerings.
Types of Fasteners:
Bolts Manufacturers in India:Bolts Manufacturers has also developed a number of processes and measures to boost the growth of the manufacturing and service industries.Our company uses premium raw materials and products of the highest caliber while supplying bolts.
Nuts Manufacturers in India:We are also considered as a cutting-edge Nuts Manufacturers in India with years of expertise, supplying high-quality Hex Nuts using cutting-edge technology. India's Nuts Supplier works with several manufacturers to have a sizable stock of Lock Nuts available for prompt delivery to their clients. There are several specifications, standards, designations, thicknesses, and custom lengths available for nuts.
Screws Manufacturers in India:As a prominent Screws Manufacturer in India, we have a large inventory of Screws in all major sizes on hand to satisfy demand. Gas turbines, rocket engines, and several more applications use our hex screws. A vast array of standards, specifications, and custom diameters and thicknesses are available for screws to be made to.
Washer Manufacturers in India:Every professional working in the sector has to understand the Washers standard requirements. We employ premium raw materials and state-of-the-art gear and equipment to precisely make Washers for our customers. Innovative methods are used by our R&D department to guarantee the manufacture of high-quality washers. 
Threaded Rod Manufacturers in India:We specialize in offering our customers a wide range of Threaded Rod. Threaded rods can be produced to order in a wide range of standards, widths, thicknesses, and lengths.We can meet both small- and large-scale demands thanks to our substantial inventory of Threaded Rods. We are also one of India's leading suppliers of threaded rods.
Application & Uses of Fasteners:
Applications for fasteners are numerous, ranging from construction and engineering to manufacturing and fabrication.

  • Fasteners Used in Oil & Gas
  • Fasteners Used in Power Plant
  • Fasteners Used in Machine
  • Fasteners Used in Petrochemical
  • Fasteners Used in Medical
  • Fasteners Used in Agricultural
  • Fasteners Used in Paper & Pulp
  • Fasteners Used in Ship Building

Cities where we deliver fasteners:

As a leading Fasteners Manufacturer. We provide a large selection of bolts, each in a variety of grades and materials. A dependable and superior option if you're searching for a fastener supplier in India. We take great satisfaction in offering our clients the best items available.Our bolt fasteners all meet International Quality Standards (IQS), so you can be sure you're always getting the best goods. In India, we are a renowned supplier of fasteners.