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Upgrade Your Fleet With The Unstoppable Ashok Leyland Truck

Get ready to take your transportation business to the next level with the Ashok Leyland truck series! This truck meets business from its commanding presence on the road to its unbeatable performance under the hood. So, the Ashok Leyland BOSS series can handle the toughest challenges in construction, logistics, or any other industry. With its cutting-edge feature, you can trust the BOSS to deliver results daily. So why wait? Upgrade your fleet today and see what bossing the road is like!

Popular Models Of Ashok Leyland Truck

Renowned for its robustness, dependability, and impressive fuel economy, the Ashok Leyland truck series has made a name for itself. So, the BOSS 1415 HB and BOSS 1215 HB stand out as exceptional models among the BOSS family.

Ashok Leyland Truck: BOSS 1415 HB

The BOSS 1415 HB truck is suitable for urban and semi-urban tasks and has a medium-duty capacity. Furthermore, equipped with an H series CRS engine utilising iGen6 Technology, it can transport a payload of 9882 KG. Additionally, the price range for this truck begins at Rs. 21.19 Lakh and extends up to Rs. 21.94 Lakh.

Ashok Leyland BOSS 1215 HB

The BOSS 1215 HB from Ashok Leyland is a light-duty truck ideal for short-haul and intra-city tasks. Its fuel-efficient engine, the H series CRS with iGen6 Technology, delivers a mileage of 7kmpl. Furthermore, this Ashok Leyland truck falls within a price range of Rs. 20.67 Lakh to Rs. 21.42 Lakh.

To sum up, the BOSS 1415 HB and BOSS 1215 HB are among the most sought-after models in their respective categories, providing distinct features and specifications to cater to diverse application requirements. So, for any further information on these Ashok Leyland Truck models, visit Truck Junction.