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Warren London Butter Dog Conditioner – Best Overall

Submitted by dwdfw12 on Tue, 09/27/2022 - 00:14

Warren London Butter Dog Conditioner – Best Overall
Our best pet conditioner, the Warren London 844178 Hydrating Butter Conditioner, is the top choice we could find on the market. It’s a leave-in conditioner. Once your dog is out of the bath and towel-dried, you can run the conditioner through the hair as directed and allow it to dry. There is no rinsing out required.

Not only does it aid in coat smoothness—but it also helps with itchy, dry skin. If your dog is prone to excessive itchiness from allergies or other irritants, it’s a great idea to alleviate some of that annoyance. It’s gentle enough to use in between baths, too. So, if your dog is getting a little dry, you can apply as needed. If your dog has particular skin sensitivities, you may want to read the ingredients just to be safe.

You can use Warren London for any coat type on any breed. It smells refreshing as well, having an aromatic benefit. You can apply this between baths to refresh the scent of the coat as well. You get pretty much everything you could need in a dog hair conditioner. It's hydrating, fragrant, and soothing at a price that won't break the bank.