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What Are The Best SEO Platforms For Marketing?

In most cases, marketers find it hard to choose an SEO platform to go with their marketing efforts. The main reason for this is the different options and capabilities that one has to choose from.

If you are looking for the best SEO platform for your marketing, there are several things that you ought to consider. SEO can help you to grow your business or website and rank higher in SERPs. To achieve this, you will need to find the best SEO platform.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best SEO platforms for your marketing. Read along to determine the best one for you.

What Are the SEO Platforms?
Before we look at the best SEO platforms, it is important to first understand what an SEO platform is. SEO platforms are useful marketing tools that contain in-depth data about SEO that helps marketers in identifying opportunities, optimising content, tracking performance, conducting competitive analysis and more.  Some of the best SEO platforms available include;

  1. seoClarity

This platform was founded in 2009 and it aims at providing enterprises with SEO content optimisation. The platform contains a lot of historical data on SEO and this data is important because it helps in optimising the advertising efforts of marketers. For the best customer experience in terms of search, seoClarity got you covered.

  1. Conductor

This is also a good SEO platform that is highly recommended for SEO marketing. The platform offers insights into what customers are searching for on search engines. It also measures the results from SEO marketing efforts.

  1. Botify

This is the third SEO platform and it is very useful for solving several problems for businesses. One exceptional feature of this platform is that it is useful for a large website with a complex setting. It helps clear their content on my website and facilitate good indexing for proper traffic generation. If you want to improve your site ranking and get the maximum result as a marketer then Botify is the platform to use.

  1. BrightEdge

The store was founded in 2007 to help content marketers. It is driven by data collection real-time insights as well as artificial intelligence. These are the key components for a robust customer success model.

Some of the main features of the bright range include ranking recommendation Pagespeed performance voice search opportunities competition as well as search volume insights.

These are the main SEO platforms that you should think of as a content marketer. You need to utilise them to boost your business in terms of content marketing and SEO. In case you need help on SEO and content marketing contact Anchor Digital specialists.