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What are the characteristics of joint bearing?

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What are the characteristics of joint bearing?
The structure of the joint bearing is simpler than that of the rolling bearing. It is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface.Joint bearing is generally used for low-speed swing motion (that is, angular motion). Since the sliding surface is spherical, it can also be tilted within a certain angle range (that is, self-aligning motion), and the support shaft and the shaft shell hole are not concentric When the degree is large, it can still work normally.

Features of joint bearing, the joint bearing can bear larger loads. According to its different types and structures, it can bear radial load, axial load or combined load of radial and axial.Since the outer spherical surface of the inner ring is embedded with composite material, the bearing can generate self-lubrication during operation. Generally used for low-speed swing movement and low-speed rotation, it can also be used for tilting movement within a certain angle range, and it can still work normally when the support shaft and the shaft shell hole are not centered. Self-lubricating joint bearing is used in water conservancy, professional machinery and other industries.

Application of joint bearing, elf-lubricating joint bearingJoint bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinders, forging machine tools, engineering machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorbers, water conservancy machinery and other industries.The joint bearing is a spherical sliding bearing. The basic type is composed of an inner and outer ring with a spherical sliding spherical contact surface.Depending on its structure and type, it can withstand radial loads, axial loads, or combined loads acting simultaneously in the radial and axial directions.