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What are the symptoms for which I can consult a gynaecologist online?

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Submitted by aayuapp on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 02:53

There is a common misunderstanding that you have to visit a gynecologist when you are pregnant. You can take online medical consultation with a gynecologist in the following cases.
Reasons to consult a gynecologist:
Having irregularities in menstrual cycle:
Women should be aware of irregularities in their menstrual cycle. If it's ignored then the problem could lead to reproductive issues. Whatever changes you are facing you should tell the gynecologist with clarity to get better treatment of your irregular periods problem.
Pregnancy visits and contraceptive pills related issues:
Women, who are planning for pregnancy should get all the requisite tests to know if any underlying condition could cause complications in the pregnancy. You can consult gynecologist through online medicine app.
Abnormalities in urination:
Abnormal changes in urination such as a change in frequency or burning sensation while urinating or blood in urine might indicate the onset of a UTI Issues. Women who notice these symptoms often use over the counter drugs, this may give temporary solutions and can subside the symptoms but worsen the condition. So, whenever any changes are observed in the urine that seems abnormal, women should immediately consult a gynecologist.
Pain or discomfort occurs:
Women who experience vaginal itching and burning, and are unable to identify the source must visit a gynecologist. Vaginal discomfort is not only unpleasant, but it could also be a sign of urinary tract infections or bacterial infections or yeast infections or some sexually transmitted diseases. These conditions can only be treated once they are diagnosed by a gynecologist and after that you can online medicine order.
Painful cramps and Painful Intercourse issues:
Many women suffer from cramps during their menstrual periods. But if the cramps are so painful that they cannot be tolerated, then it is time to seek help from a gynecologist. It is not healthy to take painkillers each month as it could hurt the woman’s liver. Women who experience severe pain during intercourse should also consult a gynecologist.
Urinary Leakage or incontinence:
Urinary leakage or incontinence is a common symptom in women and as many as 40% of women suffer from it particularly after childbirth and menopause. Simple measures such as physiotherapy with pelvic floor exercises can make a relief in this problem.
Menopause issue:
Poor quality of sleep, anxiety, mood swings, can affect work and life in major way. Hormone replacement therapy can be useful and there are also other nutritional and non-medical ways to get rid of these symptoms.
Abdominal Bloating:
We all have our days of feeling bloated, especially at certain times during our cycle, but if you feel constantly bloated or have tummy distention (where the tummy is visibly bigger) then this may be a sign of ovarian cancer. Some women with these symptoms describe that they can’t fit into their jeans or trousers, but they haven’t noticed any weight gain, in fact there may be weight loss. You have to take online doctor consultation if facing this problem.
Sudden onset of abdominal pain:
In young women, acute and severe lower abdominal pain can have many causes. They can include important ones such as ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy) and ovarian cyst complications. Always do a pregnancy test to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and see your doctor for an assessment.