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What is Backflow Prevention and Why is it Important?

Fortunately, there are many plumbing measures in place to keep our home’s water safe. From filtration at the city level to backflow preventers installed in businesses and homes, safe water is truly one of the most essential parts of living. However, if you suspect that your drinking water isn’t beneficial to your family’s health, you need to speak to a professional. Unfortunately, you may have a backflow problem, which can become very serious, and the best way to address these issues is working with a plumbing professional.
Backflow is a situation where water from the main water supply flows in the opposite direction. When this happens, incoming water to your home mixes with wastewater, which flows into your home. Unfortunately, this can lead to contaminated water flowing into your home and causing potential harm to your family. Backflow can cause serious health problems for you and your family. Your water may now include harmful bacteria, toxic chemicals, and dangerous pathogens. But how can you tell if these harmful substances have made it into your family’s bathing, drinking, and cooking water?
Very fortunately, there several signs that your home needs care for a backflow issue, and they are very apparent. The signs you may need to call in a professional plumber in Marietta for backflow services include discolored water, low water pressure, unpleasant odors in the water, and visible particles in water. If you go for a glass of water and it tastes and smells bad, don’t drink it - call a professional in and ask about backflow prevention. Backflow prevention systems are installed directly onto your property’s pipes to ensure that water only flows in one direction.
But, the water coming into your home being of less-than-great quality doesn’t mean you need backflow prevention. A plumbing professional is likely to explore all of the reasons that you could be experience poor water quality, such as storm water, sewer problems, likely an overflow, and potentially changes in the environment. Once a plumbing professional has diagnosed a backflow problem, they will install a state-of-the-art, high quality backflow prevention system. After solving the issue, make sure to have your backflow prevention system tested annually.
If you suspect that your home is experiencing backflow problems, you need a plumbing professional right away. They will work quickly to diagnose the problem and make sure your home has clean, safe drinking water.