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What Dolls Are 'Childlike What is considered a 'Childlike' doll?

Submitted by aldollsale on Fri, 12/02/2022 - 22:24

What kind of doll can be considered a childlike sex doll?

It is true that a doll of 3 feet or more with massive H cup breasts could be (and were) thought to be 'childish' because of the size of the doll. Moreover, the other aspects of 'assets that are not considered.

A doll of about six feet high without significant breasts might be considered to be 'childlike' because of her small breasts. We don't know of such occurring at present, but it likely will happen if there is no additional legal clarification.

To further elaborate on the analogy, I'm aware of, via various cheap sex doll forums of a realistic sex doll's head being confiscated by the UK Border Force for being considered 'childish' and being deemed obscene.

The question of whether a head by itself is considered to be a childlike thing isn't clear, considering that a child's head tends to be affixed to something larger.

How a head by itself could be considered to be obscene is also a mystery since heads are seldom covered in public and any of them is needed at all times of the hour by every real child.

Why Are There No Clear guidelines for the import of Sex Dolls in The UK?

Why is there no clarification on the import of flat chested sex doll in the UK

What is the reason they did all this? As I've gathered the reason is that 'childlike' is not, and is not defined in law, as well as the UK government is apparently uninterested about resolving the issue quickly. In addition to this lack of direction and the witch hunt is pushed into the streets in a baffling and uncontrolled way.

The need for clarity is urgent and, as of yet the situation has not been clear.

That being said, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), the government agency responsible for deciding who to prosecute, has finally issued 'guidance' to its prosecutors in March 2019 available at

It's unfortunate that it gives only a few points of clarity, and my views on this issue of muddy waters will be discussed as part of ALDOLL the next post on this blog.