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What happens if the name is spelled wrong on Emirates flights?

Are you one of those who always make mistakes in spelling their names? You must have encountered such times when you made mistakes in printing your name on your booked ticket. These mistakes will not allow you to collaborate with the airline you choose to fly. No airline will enable passengers to fly with the incorrect printed name; they need to make corrections by paying hefty charges before starting their journey. However, if you are flying with Emirates, you might get access to a free name change service, which will allow you to correct your mistakes without paying from your wallet.
Does Emirates Allow Name Corrections on their Scheduled Flight Booking?
Yes. You can make corrections to incorrect names by following the clauses mentioned in the Emirates Name Change Policy.

  • The airline will accept name correction requests made through direct channels.
  • To modify your misspelled name, you will need to provide government-approved IDs, such as a passport or equivalent national card.
  • You can fully change your name by submitting proof of legal name change. For this, you need to submit the correction at least one week before departure, as it will help the airline to review your request.
  • Name corrections are subject to fees based on the source country and flying class. The airline will not permit correction if you hold any illegible fare.
  • You are not permitted to transfer the ownership of the booked ticket. If you do, the airline will terminate your booking, and you will not be eligible for boarding or cancellation.

How much do I need to pay to correct my name on Emirates flights?
To correct your name initials, you will need to pay Emirates Airlines name change fees. The charges will vary depending on your source country, such as passengers flying from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and India. Emirates charges USD 30 on each ticket to passengers who make direct bookings with them. The charges may vary, and you might need to pay service in addition to applicable charges.
Which errors are governed by Emirates without charging name change fees?
The airline does not charge any fees or may allow you to board without any corrections if you have multiple first and family names and the printed ticket shows only one of these. You are allowed to board the flight as the airline system will recognize you with one single name. Sometimes, the system only prints one first and last name, even if you share both names. So, it's standard, and you get a chance to board the flight without corrections.
How do you Correct your name on Emirates flight tickets?
Correcting your name is mandatory if you are looking to fly with Emirates Airways. To help you out, the airline allows you to make corrections to your name at least two hours before the scheduled departure. You can correct your name by online and offline channels. If you made a booking through third-party agents, contact them individually.

  • Be on the manage booking section.
  • Use the booking confirmation code with the family name to select the journey.
  • Tap on the change tab.
  • Make required changes.
  • Submit supportive documents such as a passport, birth certificate, or any legal documents.
  • Pay applicable charges (if any) and receive your new e-ticket using your registered ID.


  • Reach the customer service team using their dedicated hotline or by visiting the nearest official center.
  • Speak to them and request them to make changes to your name.
  • Share all requested documents and make payment of associated charges to gain a new and correct booking confirmation code.

The airline operates a dedicated helpline number for passengers living in Spain. They can contact the airline through Emirates Airlines Teléfono Numero, which helps them correct errors in their native language.
Emirates will allow you to correct your name until the same day of departure. Passengers who want to correct their names must do so within the specified time frame. If they fail to correct their names, the airline may deny their boarding, and their booking will be canceled by the airline with no refund.