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What Should You Eat While You Are Unpacking Your Apartment?

Once you have all your boxes moved in, you might find that you and your friends are a little hungry at the end of the day. But with all the kitchen stuff packed up and the essentials likely not cutting it for a post-moving meal, what you should be eating while you unpack your apartment?
You might not think that there are a lot of meals that don’t require you to break out your dishes, silverware, or pans, but there are. With a bit of preparation, you can find yourself eating good meals even as you focus on unpacking your apartment!
One of the staples of any situation where you go ‘I’ve got no clue what to eat?’ A good piece of pizza can easily become the solution! You can make a bulk order, get a bunch of different options, and share them with friends. Plus, it also comes with the benefit of being very easy to keep for leftovers because it does taste good cold!
Don’t be afraid to simply order some pizza when you are all done unpacking your one bedroom apartments in downtown san Francisco location. You might even be able to bribe some of your friends with pizza once you tell them you are moving!
Salvage Your Leftover Food Or Hit The Deli Section At The Store
As you move from location to location, you might run into an issue with the food you are transporting. Some food can be easy stored, others need to be eaten before you move, and more just needs to be packed up and properly transported. Still, you might have some leftover food that can’t really be stored, and you might be able to salvage it.
For example, you might be able to make some grilled cheese with bread and pre-sliced cheese. Then you can just put the sandwich in the oven or on the stove, and within a few minutes you will have a grilled cheese sandwich!
Or you can raid the deli section and get some meats and cheeses for a sandwich or a make your own charcuterie board. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner salvager and have some fun with what you eat!
Explore Your New Location and Eat Out!
Finally, if you aren’t too tired after moving all your boxes out, then you can focus on exploring where you are. Maybe you can find a new restaurant and get a good meal, or you can get some good food delivered. Plus it can be a great way to explore your new location and see what type of restaurants and people are out there in your new neighborhood!