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When To Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Garage door
openers generally have a reasonably long lifespan. Because of this, owners
often assume that there is no possible problem and do not perform maintenance
or checks at regular intervals to ensure that the mechanism does not need to be
repaired or replaced.

Here are some
slightly more subtle indicators that you may need to consider a replacement.


If, while trying
to open your garage door, you hear a buzzing or squealing noise and the door
refuses to open, this is a relatively obvious sign that your garage opener
mechanism needs to be replaced.

• But, before
you jump in prematurely and rush into the first hardware store, call on your
DIY skills and check for bare gears.

• A little
troubleshooting can spare you the cost of a new opener.

Less obvious

• Safety
reversal failure: All garage door opener manufacturers must include safety
reversing equipment in their devices. This feature uses two sensors located
approximately six inches above ground level on either side of the door. When
the garage door is closed, these sensors are triggered by an object, child, or
animal to immediately stop lowering the door and reverse the movement to lift
it. If your current opening does not have this function or no longer works, it
is strongly recommended to replace the mechanism.

• Noise control
failure: If you've ever noticed that your neighbours’ gaze turns to you every
time you open and close your garage door, or if your family complains that the
noise keeps them awake at night, it may be time to replace the mechanism. The
chain drive opening model (resembling a bicycle chain near the motor) is the
loudest. Replace it with a quieter belt or screw drive model to help your
family sleep better at night.

• Security
failure: Older models may also be more vulnerable to intrusion by burglars.
Therefore, replacing them with a model with a keypad for entering a password
may help deter burglars from any attempt.

• Keyless Remote
Access: If you spend days on end trying to remember where you put your keys,
consider a password keypad installed on the outside of your garage door to give
you access by dialling just a digital code. Before replacing the current
system, examine the model you have. More traditional garage door openers do not
offer the password keypad feature, but newer models allow you to add it without
changing the entire unit.

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Consult with the manufacturer of your door
opener before making a decision on garage door opener replacement. The new
models now save you from having to enter a well-defined code on the keypad.
Instead, they use fingerprint recognition technology to give you access with
just one press of the keyboard. Also expert has all kind of latest tool which
make their job easy. So before hiring the expert, it is good to ask him about
his charges and what services he will offer you.