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Where can I get a guide for a Goechala trek?

Goechala trek is one of the oldest and high-altitude treks, has gained the attention of many adventurers from around the world. Though the difficulty of the Goechala trek is considerable but the trek lovers cannot forget to add this particular location to their list.
In fact, I personally suggest you visit this place to trek once in a lifetime. It is the place that gives you the closest and most phenomenal view of the world's third-highest mountain- The mighty Kanchenjunga and the blooming rhododendrons all around, making it more breathtaking.
As the trek is arduous and you need approx ten days to complete the trek, you surely need a guide that can guide you about the Goechala Trek route and the beauty it covers. According to me, you can consider Glacier treks and adventure because they are the registered trekking company in Sikkim with professional guides to take your through.