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As climate change becomes a bigger and bigger problem for our society, it is more important than ever to be more eco-friendly. To overcome this issue, all of us must be involved as much as we can. It seems impossible for an individual to right the climate change, but you would be surprised how much impact you can actually have. From saving energy on a daily basis to using environmentally friendly items, the list of possible methods is almost unlimited. WHY IS ANTIQUE FURNITURE BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?
Using sustainable antique furniture can be one of the best ways to go green and do your fair share to save our planet. In this article, we will share with you the impact the furniture industry has on the climate and what can you do to be more sustainable. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MODERN FURNITURE INDUSTRY
From 2005 the annual expenditure on furniture has increased by 28.5% in the UK. It is most likely that this trend will not change anytime soon. On its own, purchasing furniture is not a problematic topic. However, the consumerist culture that pushes us to buy furniture and then changes it every couple of years has very negative consequences.
North London Waste Society has reported that only in the UK 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded annually. This is due to the fast furniture industry that introduces new products several times a year. The fast furniture companies consume a lot of energy and raw materials in the production process. This eventually leads to high Carbon Dioxide emissions.
According to Earthsight’s 18-month-long investigation, in 2019 IKEA alone used 21 million cubic meters of logs to make its products. Furthermore, the investigation questions whether the furniture materials were extracted legally. Research showed illegal logging in Ukrainian forests, home to endangered species.
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