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Wood Chunks For Smoking

Flavoured cedar wood baking plank
These BBQ wood planks are used for baking in grills, ovens and convection ovens. Recommended for fish and seafood, perfect for pork, red meat, fruits and vegetables the cooked food is placed on the baking plank which was previously soaked in warm water (recommended time – at least 1 hour) and then put directly on the grill grate or into the oven. While the wood plank is warming up, its aroma, flavour and aftertastes (natural essential oils that are present in the cedar wood) infuse into the dish which you are cooking. In this way, your dish acquires a pleasant cedar wood flavour which is similar to the flavour of cedar pine nuts. One BBQ wood plank can be used 1-3 times. The planks are made of 100% natural cedarwood.

Texas Club Beech smoking chips
Beechwood chips create a delicate smoke flavour, which enhances the taste and flavour of a wide variety of dishes. It’s an aromatic wood perfect for smoking for almost anything from sausages to strong cheeses, salmon and ham.

Hickory wood smoking chunks
Hickory is probably the most popular type of wood in the world used for smoking and BBQ. Its smoke is expressive and intensive but is also slightly sweet. The aroma of hickory will enhance any meat or poultry dish! Hickory blocks can be used either alone or mixed with oak or fruit tree smoking blocks (1 part hickory and 2 parts oak).

Texas Club bbq charcoal
Top-quality large fraction Texas Club bbq charcoal is made of oak, beech and hornbeam wood. This bbq charcoal is completely environmentally friendly with a particularly long burn time. By using this charcoal in your Kamado grill, you will be able to grill food for 10 or more hours until the next refill. During the manufacture of this bbq charcoal, its finest particles are sifted; therefore the package contains only large pieces without any dust or additives. 10kg.

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