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Tips To Use LinkedIn For Professional Networking And Business Marketing

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Tue, 08/03/2021 - 00:04

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and powerful business-oriented social networking sites that help to make strong professional networks and business marketing. It was originally founded in the year 2002 and launched for the general public in 2003. Today it has more than 400 million accounts, out of which more than 200 million are active. From connecting networks to generating leads, it can do everything and anything for your business. Scroll down to read more because you cannot afford to miss such outstanding tips that help in networking and business marketing by the way of LinkedIn.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel with These 12 Tools

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 04:22

When people talk about social media, the first networks that come to mind are usually Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

While YouTube may not be your first thought, it needs to become a priority for you moving forward.

Whether you’re a business, Internet personality, or social influencer, your YouTube channel will help you increase sales with video content.

Behind only Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. More than one billion people visit the platform every month.

The amount of content on YouTube is astonishing.

Organic Instagram growth strategies to build your brand

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Wed, 06/23/2021 - 02:43

In the near decade that Instagram has been around, it continues to adjust its algorithm and introduce new features, meaning businesses need to keep up to maintain a steady account growth.

So how do you adapt? By trying out and incorporating new growth strategies. Services that tout growth through purchased likes and followers are against Instagram’s service policies. These fake engagements and growth rates will only harm your account in the long run and might even get your account banned.

That’s why brands need a strategy for authentic, organic Instagram growth.

How a VP of Business Development for a Managed Service Provider Drove Demand on LinkedIn with Prospects Who Previously Ignored Communications

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Thu, 06/17/2021 - 00:27

A LinkedIn Profile Makeover and LinkedIn Marketing Case Study

Studies from the Alterra Group show that 97% of marketers report account based marketing approaches have the highest ROI. The IT Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) reports that 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe account based marketing as delivering the highest returns of all other marketing approaches. And, LinkedIn reports that social selling professionals that take an account based marketing approach gain 45% more opportunities.

Understanding Everything About Data Science Consulting

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Mon, 05/24/2021 - 00:15

Many businesses are succeeding today because they have invested a lot in data. Data has the ability to help improve the efficiency of a business and also give business owners more insight into their business. It is important that you focus on understanding the insights provided by data that will help you make more viable business decisions. Many businesses are now taking up data science as a way to gather, analyze, and manipulate data to make it meaningful for the business.

The Importance of Managed Services: 8 Reasons to Partner With an MSP

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Tue, 05/04/2021 - 02:31

Still relying on your in-house IT team to maintain your systems? It might be time for a change.

Technology has come a long way since the days of break/fix IT, and the reality is that most internal IT services aren’t equipped to keep up with the pace of innovation. As a result, many organizations find their IT to be reactive rather than proactive, and that their systems struggle to keep up with the demands of a growing business in a digital world.

What Is Cyber Security and How Does It Work?

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Wed, 03/24/2021 - 23:48

What is cyber security?

Cyber security can be described as the collective methods, technologies, and processes to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks and data, against cyber-attacks or unauthorized access. The main purpose of cyber security is to protect all organizational assets from both external and internal threats as well as disruptions caused due to natural disasters.

The Angry Gran Run game for Windows Phone is becoming increasingly popular.

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Mon, 03/22/2021 - 04:54

The Angry Gran Run game is ready for you to play and enjoy. It is available for download here. The players will then embark on a run to escape the Angry Asylum. They can assist Gran in escaping and transforming her into a superhero. There will also be plenty of jumping and sliding, which encourages everyone to participate. The challenges are numerous, and the adventures along the way are breathtaking. Some aspects of the Angry Gran Run game are similar to those found in Temple Run-style games.

Winning The Game Aided By The Appropriate Indoor Soccer Cleats

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Submitted by Dean Jones on Thu, 02/25/2021 - 21:36

The correct kind of indoor soccer cleats will need to enable the user to race from one end of the playing field to yet another, twist around to avoid the opponent and to accurately manage the ball anyway he wishes. These cleats normally weigh nine to twelve ounces and a pair having a weight that is more than this range is viewed as heavy for an average user. Never be deceived believing that an typical pair of track shoes will succeed for this game.

Positive aspects of Utilizing Indoor Soccer Cleats


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