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What exactly is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine isn't a medical subspecialty such as gastroenterology, cardiology, or Rheumatology. Instead, it is a method or way of looking at the health and disease. It is based on the reality that the body functions as a network interconnected electrical and biochemical systems that are affected by emotional, mental and spiritual influences, as well as life-style factors like the need for relaxation, sleep, or eating as well as stress and relationships.

What Does a Thyroid Functional Medicine Doctor Do Differently

A thyroid functional medicine doctor makes a comprehensive plan to heal your thyroid in a more natural way.Thyroid disorders incidence is rising at a rapid rate in the last decade. We are seeing that more and more females are being diagnosed with thyroid disorders. - Functional Medicine Doctor Houston
It is estimated that more than 12% of the US population suffer from thyroid disorders.

What to expect when you go for an Integrative Medicine consultation?

Integrative medicine consultation provides you with a comprehensive plan of care to treat you as a whole person rather than just focusing on your disease.

Integrative medicine is defined as the branch of medicine which combines conventional medicine along with other modalities of treatment available.

What Role A Functional Medicine Doctor Plays

Basically, functional medicine doctor checkups the entire history to identify the starting or we can say the root causes of any illness. For this, a functional medicine doctor needs detailed information about the disease and the patient's lifestyle. If you are searching for the best Functional Medicine Doctor Houston, then this blog is for you.

Dr. Anshul Gupta: Your Functional Medicine Doctor

Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Anshul Gupta is a certified Practitioner of functional medicine and Peptide Theory. He is specializes in thyroid functional medicine. He treats a variety of conditions that are believed to be caused by unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices using holistic therapies such as nutrition, detoxification, supplements, exercise, meditation, and stress management techniques. Dr.


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