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Buy Exclusive Drinking Horn Product at Fouji Handicraft

Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms is one of the top buffalo horn and bone product manufacturers for over 35 years. Explore the website to see the antique buffalo horn and bone products catalogs offered by the company. All the products are of supreme quality and are manufactured to last long with the customers. Below is a glimpse of our few best-selling products.

What are the Vikings famous for?

Vikings are well known for their warrior skills and fierceness. Apart from being incredible soldiers, they are also unbelievable sailors. The Viking's shallow-draft boats were designed to travels hundreds of seawater miles, enabling them to travel deep into Europe with goods to trade.

What are the popular Viking weapons?
As said above, Vikings are giant warriors, which induced the weaponry skills in them. As a matter of fact, this is the crucial reason why they are being labeled as ferocious invaders and raiders.

Viking culture and their products Facts

These are a few facts you need to know about the Viking culture and their products like Drinking Horn Mug, Viking Drinking Horns, and horn mugs. If you are looking to buy authentic Viking horn products, you can browse, explore and buy them online at Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms. The best Viking products seller for over the past 35 years now in the industry.

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Buy Viking Drinking Horn with stand 400ml in Sweden

The Drinking Horn with Stand that comes with Fouji Handicrafts & Poultry Farms stand is among the top-selling products of the business. It has a capacity of 400ml of liquid and comes with a stand that can hold it. Purchase the drinking horn through us, which is one of the only authentic Viking Drinking Horn items vendors in the market. Enjoy a glitzy beer or other beverage at any event.

Drinking Horn with Stand 400 ml. Brass Tapping on Drinking Horn Corner.

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