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5 Tips to reduce PCI compliance costs

Businesses that process credit cards should consider implementing certain safety measures to prevent potential threats. Moreover, it is necessary to know how to set up them properly that will help manage a business without any hassles. Retail stores and online stores must abide by PCI compliance regulations for overcoming complications significantly. Having a PCI- compliant payment terminal enables merchants to provide high protection to cardholders that eliminate security threats. On the other hand, the costs may vary depending on a company and security measures.

7 Tips to master the customer experience at POS

Customer experience is necessary for a business for getting high conversion rates in the markets. A POS comes with the latest features allowing merchants to focus more on their objectives while selling a product or service. However, it is essential to select a system after making research that will help obtain optimal results. Retail stores that are having a point-of-sale machine should consider engaging customers by providing the best services. This will help a lot grow sales significantly which gives ways to gain more benefits.

What Does PCI stand for and how does it affect Your Business

You are a business owner who employs merchant account services and accepts credit card payments. You check your merchant bill and you fail to understand the variety of fees that are you are charged such as IRS Fee, Batch Fee, Statement Fee, PCI Compliance fee. What is PCI? You fail to understand the relevance of these fees with regards to your business.

Merchant Category Code Explained

When you use cards to pay, you can sometimes get rewards for spending money in certain categories of shopping. So, how do you know that you are entitled to reward points in a store? The merchant category code (MCC code) of a business can tell you that. With the MCC code, you can identify the bonus rewards and so can get maximum balance or cashback. Merchant services can provide you information about MCC codes.

What are merchant category codes?

Quickbooks Online Vs. Desktop Edition – Which One is Better?

When it comes to accounting and payment processing, Quickbooks is a name that you can safely go for. This company has the best software packages on offer, which can make both tasks seamless. There are two versions of the reputed accounting software program, a desktop version and an online version. When it comes to Quickbooks Online Vs. Desktop Edition, here is an analysis and comparison of their key strengths that will help you to make a choice easily.


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