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What is EMV Card Authentication?

EMV card authentication is the process of validating card credentials by means other than reading the embossed numbers and digits on an individual payment card. EMV cards are credit/debit cards that contain a computer chip for added security. In order to validate the authenticity of a payment card, an electronic chip reader can be used with which to read the card's embedded data, such as a unique account number, expiration date and security code.
How EMV Card Authentication Works?

Types of POS System

A point of sale system is a software or hardware used for tracking sales, monitoring inventory and orders. It is primarily designed to register transactions from a cash register, however it may also be used to track inventory and orders. Some systems are mobile which allow store owners to take their store around with them.

What Is Credit Card Processing and How It Works?

For many businesses, processing credit cards is key to running their business. If you are in the market for a credit card processor or simply looking to answer the question of “what is credit card processing?”, this article should help provide some clarity on this topic. Credit card processing refers to the act of taking payments via credit or debit cards.

What Is a Cross Border Fee for Credit Card Processing?

A Cross Border Fee for Credit Card Processing is a fee that some credit card processors charge to merchants who are accepting international transactions with cards issued outside of the United States. These fees can range from 2.5% up to 10% or more and they must be paid regardless of whether the transaction was pre-qualified before it's declined (meaning the card is good). Cross Border Fees for Credit Card Processing are charged in addition to interchange fees.
When Should Cross Border Fee for Credit Card Processing Be Charged?

What is Facebook Pay?

Facebook is making a big push into the mobile payments space. It wants you to be able to use your Facebook ID on any website that has an "Like" or "Share" button, allowing you to login and pay with one click. But how will this affect you? Here's everything you need to know about Facebook Pay.

What are the Reasons the American Express Card is Not Accepted Everywhere?

We have heard a lot of complaints from individuals who were surprised to learn that their American Express cards are not accepted everywhere. Many consumers who used to carry American Express cards in the past, may no longer do so after they discovered cashiers turning down their credit card or retailers apologizing for why they cannot accept the card. Some even say that they've had to switch to other cards because of this problem.
So, the question is: why isn't the American Express card accepted everywhere? There are a few reasons for this.

Why Integrate a Payment API?

In order to provide a payment API, we need to have an integration that is capable of two things: First, it needs to be able to receive payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. Second, it needs a way for merchants and users to convert cryptocurrency back into fiat currency so they can use goods and services from the merchant's store.

How Credit Card Transaction Processing Works?

Let's say you're out at dinner and you decide to split the bill with your friends. You pull out your credit card to pay and hand it to the waiter. The waiter then takes your card and swipes it through a machine at the front of the restaurant. This machine is called a payment terminal, and it's used to process credit card transactions.


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